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The Coast Discovery Inn

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51 years ago, when the Coast Discovery Inn opened, the keys were thrown into the ocean as a symbolic gesture that the hotel doors,

should never be closed. 


The Discovery Inn opened on June 16, 1963, with an open house attended by more than 4,000 people. During the opening ceremony, hotel manager Gordon Jennings presented Village Chairman, R.D. Jamieson, with a key to unlock the padlocked front doors. After the doors were unlocked, the key was thrown into the ocean to signal that from that day forward, the doors of the Discovery Inn, should always be open!

In 1965, a distinctive six-storey annex was added to the Discovery Inn, making it Campbell River’s first luxury hotel, and the

second largest hotel on Vancouver Island.

Catering & Resos

Catering & Banquet

Catered over one hundred events from two people to parties of four hundred. We love catering weddings, corporate events and gatherings of all types! Our hotel's conference rooms will accommodate all kinds of party, and banquet requests.


It is our mission to deliver unforgettable experiences!


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